Unlocking the Higher Self: A Journey Beyond the Ego

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Unlocking the Higher Self:
A Journey Beyond the Ego

What is the Higher Self?

Many believe we are more than just our physical bodies and personalities. We possess a higher aspect, often referred to as the Higher Self, the oversoul, or the over self.

This higher aspect embodies our inherent wisdom and intelligence, existing beyond the limitations of our ego. Unlike our personality with its sense of self, the Higher Self operates Impersonally, offering guidance and direction.

Connecting with the Higher Self:

While elusive, the Higher Self can be accessed through meditation and other practices that alter our state of consciousness. Here’s a personal example:

In the late 1990s, I discovered that intense contemplation on spiritual matters would sometimes trigger symbolic visions answering my inquiries. These visions, delivered in rapid bursts of images and emotions, felt like “packages” received in the right hemisphere of my brain.

To ensure these weren’t mere figments of imagination, I considered the following:

  • My thought process: I primarily think in languages, not pictures.
  • The nature of the experience: The images simultaneously overlaid my surroundings, unlike my usual thought patterns.

A Glimpse from the Beyond:

One such transmission focused on reincarnation. As I pondered the fate of “lost souls” trapped in a perpetual cycle of rebirth, I received a burst of images:

  • A light blue background
  • Rings or bands of lighter colour moving towards a central point

While the information felt incomplete due to the swiftness of the transmission, I interpreted it as follows:

  • My understanding of reincarnation was limited.
  • The cycle is not eternal; ultimately, all beings return to the source.

This interpretation, shaped by my physical brain, offered a personalized message based on my current understanding.

Over time, through such transmissions and guidance from enlightened teachers, my understanding of consciousness and the universe has deepened.

This personal story serves as a testament to the possibility of connecting with the Higher Self. While everyone’s experience may differ, the potential for accessing this inner wisdom and expanding our awareness remains open to those who seek it.


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